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About Alice

Hello, Welcome to my shop! I’m Alice. I established Alice’s Curious Dream in 2016 in the beautiful seaside city of Brighton, UK. 

I’m a dreamer, an animal- lover and entrepreneur. I initially learnt crochet as a way to channel my imagination, my ideas and to improve mindfulness. Back then, my job was unfulfilling, paid little and was mentally draining. Crochet was my escape.

This is when I decided to start my own business. 

Now, three years later, I run my own online crochet emporium on my Etsy shop full-time and sell my products to craft-lovers all around the world. I create bespoke, custom  gifts which include pet miniatures, bees, sea creatures, mermaids, unicorns and just about anything you can think of. 

You imagine it, I create it. 

My Pet Miniatures and my Bees have come to define my brand and every month I receive tons of incredible feedback for which I am so grateful for. I mainly use the technique of amigurumi and never use any patterns. I want my designs to be personal and unique to my customers. I spend many hours designing and perfecting my work purely because I love to see the finished product make a customer happy. Above all else, this is a labor of love. 

I also strive to be as eco-friendly as possible. Most of my products are vegan friendly but I am particularly mindful of items such as baby products. I will often use real wool for baby blankets and clothes to ensure softness and kindness to baby’s skin. To be sure, you can always check out the materials used under each product on my website. I am also always happy to change or use particular materials upon request. 

I support the Just a Card campaign as well as donate to Friends of the Earth charity through profits from my Bees during April each year. The world is changing and I believe it is vital for us to support independent businesses and do everything we can to save our environment. 

I am always on the lookout for new challenges, so welcome new project ideas - no matter how wacky and creative. You can get in contact with me via my contact me page, as well as through my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter Account.